Thursday, December 19, 2013

Festive Anagrams

Festive Anagrams

Anagrams are the sort of sick fascination we word nerds embrace. For those who haven’t previously played with anagrams, an anagram can be made by using all the letters in a given word, phrase or sentence & re-arranging them into something new.

For instance, here are two anagrams of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

Deep northern lurid horse deed
Horror: deep tennis hurdle deed

Below please find some anagrams. Each group can be translated into a phrase we’re likely to hear this time of year.

Festive Anagram 1
Ahoy, hippy lads
Holy yap aphids
Ashy hippo lady
Soy aphid phyla
Popish lady hay
Aphid hay ploys

Festive Anagram 2
Hydro jot towel
Jowly red tooth
Jetworthy lode
Do lower thy jot
Drooly Jethwo
Throw, pot, yodel

Festive Anagram 3
Reenact a hope
Prehost a cone
A coherent ape
Create a phone
A threep canoe

Please translate the three festive anagrams into their original forms & leave your translations in the comments section, OR play around with a festive anagram of your own & enter your list of translations in the comments section for others to ponder (old schoolers prefer to create anagrams with pen, pencil & grey matter, however this online anagram tool is speedier.

My thanks go out to this week’s source: the Andy’s Anagram Solver


  1. Happy Holidays, Joy to the World and Peace on Earth to all the wordlovers out there! I hate to admit how long it took me to get Joy to the World!

  2. Ahoy Anne,
    Thanks for squeezing some wordplay in between writing one hysterically wonderful book & the next. I agree, Joy to the world was oddly flummoxing.

  3. Happy Holidays was the only one I got :P

    I guess after a long day, all I can think of is "Merry Christmas" and "ho ho ho".

  4. Whoa, Anne's good. And so are you! I only got the first one. I've never played this game but, here goes... this is harder than I thought...nope...uh...torn names. That's the best I can do this early in the morning. Or, more likely, ever. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

  5. Hey Christine,
    Wow. All I can get out of TORN NAMES is SNORT AMEN, but I don't suppose that's where you started.. Here's hoping the next commenter can figure it out.