Though these days the term wordmonger refers to "a writer or speaker who uses language pretentiously or carelessly," please join me in proposing a new meaning. A fishmonger appreciates and promotes fish, therefore, a wordmonger does the same for words.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Anagrams & Anashams

Thanksgiving Anagrams & Anashams

Sometimes a Wordmonger just wants to have fun. For me, anagrams fit that bill. In case you don’t know, an anagram is made by shuffling the letters in a word or collection of words to come up with new words or phrases.

Below are some Thanksgiving-themed anagrams. Each list includes an item that looks like an anagram, but is not – a wolf in Gram’s clothing, or perchance an ana-sham? Search for the bad examples, then check the first comment for the answers.

If you like playing with anagrams & you’d rather not do so in an old school fashion, check out, where you can generate dozens upon dozens more anagrams for each of these examples.

Saving  Knight
Gnat King Hive
Van Gigs Think
Vast Nigh King

Good times
Modest go I
Misted  goo
Dim  stooge
Most dogs go
God  smote I
Midges too

Family and Friends
Dairyman  sniffled
Marinated  fins fly
Fairylands find me
Admirals fed Finny
Raided fanny films
Dandies manly riff

Turkey and dressing
A syringed drunkfest
A dredge sinks runty
Dear Stinky gardens
A kings yurts redden
A sundered kings try
A seedy drink grunts

A tired gut
Taut ridge
Urge it Tad
Guitar diet
Gut tirade

Thanks for playing, and may the week’s gratitude eclipse the week’s gut tirade.

My thanks go out to the designers of the anagram generator at


  1. Here are the ana-shams:

    Thanksgiving: Gnat king hive
    Good Times: Most dogs go
    Family and friends: Marinated fins fly
    Turkey and dressing: Dear stinky gardens
    Gratitude: Guitar diet

  2. But a syringed drunkfest is real! That's got to be my favorite. Hilarious!

  3. These are difficult. Thanks for making me crazy, Charlie. :)

  4. Hi Anne & Paul,
    Anne, I also found "syringed drunkfest" to be particularly humorous. Paul, I hope you enjoyed that little bit of craziness. As for whether these make ME crazy, too late!

  5. I am so bad with anagrams. Mostly because of my right brained, creative spelling. In other words, can't spell. These are very fun. You, obviously are very good at them!

  6. "Modest go I" should be your motto, Charlie. Then again, you're too modest to have a motto. I smiled when I read, "Gnat King Hive." "Dim stooge" made me reflect on all the good times I had with my sister. We always called each other "stooge." She would have been tickled by this anagram. The one that brought up the most vivid image in my mind was "misted goo." "Raided fanny films" and "dandies' manly riffs" could be quirky story starters. I know many readers who fit "fairylands find me." Thanks for the fun (restaff honk hunt), Charlie (El Chair). ;-)