Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pull idioms

Pull idioms

There is magic in lists, & a very particular sort of magic in lists of idioms. To celebrate that magic, here’s a list of idioms beginning with the word pull.

pull a fast one
pull a muscle
pull ahead
pull in the reins
pull one’s punches 
pull one’s weight
pull oneself together
pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps
pull over
pull a rabbit out of a hat
pull rank
pull someone down
pull someone’s chain
pull someone’s leg
pull something off
pull something out of a hat
pull something out of thin air
pull something together
pull strings
pull the long bow
pull the plug on something/someone
pull the rug out from  under something/someone
like pulling teeth
pull the trigger on something
pull the wool over someone’s eyes
pull through
pull up stakes
pull up with a start

I hope that brought a smile. Any responses are welcome.

My thanks go out to this week’s sources: the MyEnglish Teacher, OED, TheFreeDictionary, Oxford Dictionary, & Etymonline.


  1. And as the Brits say: "Pull a bird"--meaning score a date with a hot chick. (Or at least they used to say in the age of the "London Invasion")

    1. Excellent -- In my research for this I didn't run into any bird-pulling. Thanks for adding one to the mix.