Thursday, June 6, 2019

11 gl... words you may not know

11 gl... words you may not know

Take a look over these words all starting with gl…

gleed — a glowing coal — from Proto-Indo-European

gleetslimy or filthy — from Latin through Old French

glegquick in perception or action — from Old Norse through Middle English

glenoidthe socket of a joint or a hollow cavity — from Greek

glede the common red kite of Europe — from Middle Low German

glebe land belonging to a church — probably from Proto-Indo-European through Latin & French

glaucousgreen with a grayish-blue cast — from Greek through Latin

glim a light, lamp or candle — taken from the word glimmer, which came from German through Middle Dutch

glister to sparkle or gleam — from German through Middle Dutch

glomerateto wind or make into a ball — from Latin

gloriolea halo— from Latin, literally, a small glory

An odd post, I know. It was inspired by a search through the dictionary for the etymology of the word glean. Though the etymology was intriguing, I was more fascinated by discovering so many nearby words that were new to me. I’d love to hear how many of these you already knew. I apologize in advance for not being able to reply to your comments due to an unexplainable technical glitch.

Big thanks to this week’s sources: Merriam Webster Etymonline, Collins Dictionary, & Wordnik.

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  1. I'm embarrassed to admit these are all new to me! What fun words! If I had more creativity going on, I'd try to make a clever sentence using them, but I have summer cold and no brain power whatsoever. Thanks for the new vocabulary!